Halloween Photos (finally)

Yes, Halloween was a while ago, but posting photos late seems to be a habit with me these days.

Noah was Thomas the Train. Well, Noah was Thomas the Train for about 30 seconds. Then he refused to wear the costume any more. Thank goodness I bought it on eBay. If I’d purchased it new it would have cost us about a dollar a second, and I might have been upset about it.

Since Noah wasn’t even in his costume long enough for me to get a picture, I just pasted his head on the picture in the ad for the costume. (BTW, can anyone tell me why the kid in the Thomas the Train costume ad is giving the Vulcan salute?)



Zoe stayed in her Elmo costume a little longer, but she wasn’t crazy about the hood. Here she is with Superman Grampie:



Once she learned that Halloween is all about candy, however, she was willing to wear her “hat” in exchange for some tasty treats. Seriously, as long as she was eating candy, she didn’t care what kind of goofy outfit we made her wear.

Sweet Tarts with Daddy:


Mmmmm. Chocolate.



Colin was the cutest little tiger ever and wore his costume happily, even though we wouldn’t let him in on the candy action.




Since the kids are really too young to understand the whole Trick or Treating gig, we laid out a blanket in out front yard and passed out candy. Noah enjoyed this part of the night:



Our friend Max and his mom and dad joined us on the lawn. Sorry, Grampie, but I think he makes the cuter Superman:



We didn’t see our nephew Hudson on Halloween (Kurt and Leah coudn’t join in on our lawn party since Leah’s on bed rest), but we got some photos via e-mail, and we think he made a pretty good pirate. I wonder if he’ll let me borrow the hat on International Talk Like a Pirate Day. And the sword, too. I have to have the sword. Aarrr.



7 thoughts on “Halloween Photos (finally)

  1. Aww, I love the kids costumes. I showed my son and now he’s begging for the Thomas one. I love the pirate one also, just need a parrot and a gold earing. I love talk like a pirate day.

  2. Great idea about sitting out on the lawn and handing out candy – I may have to try that one next year. It took us about 45 minutes to go 5 houses. Of course our group consisted of 5 kids 2 and under so maybe that was the problem…

  3. Cute. I hope the kids get more into Halloween next year. It is really fun. Jammer had a blast this year going to each house and doing “ding ong”.

  4. So cute! I’m cracking up about the cutting and pasting. 🙂 I have to show Mattix your girl b/c it will please him greatly. He recently gave Elmo a s*ex change. He went from Melmo to Elma. Hmmm…. Anyway, super cute kids.

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