Oh sh*t

When Noah first goes to bed, he talks to himself for a while. It’s really funny to listen to him on the monitor. He just babbles, sometimes for half an hour. Usually he talks about things that have happened recently:

  • “Toby and Ally were barking.”
  • “Mommy bought some orange cheese at the store.” (Orange is his favorite color.)
  • “Zoe said, ‘Melmo.'” (instead of Elmo)
  • “Mimi had to go home and feed Grampie.”

The other day I put him down for a nap, and I was listening to him talk. He said, “Grandma said, ‘Oh sh*t.'”

I called my mom laughing and told her what he said. She claims to have no memory of any such thing happening.


When Zoe says, “seat,” it sounds more like “sh*t.” Christian has been encouraging her by saying, “Zoe, say, ‘Oh seat.'”

When Noah was younger, it sounded much more like f*ck when he said “fire truck.” I guess I should just be happy he never encouraged Noah to say, “Oh fire truck.”


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