I voted (and I worked hard for it)

I voted for “That One” yesterday.

This is the first year that my state has had early voting, and I decided to take advantage of it. I think the lines will be crazy on Election Day (although the people I was waiting in line with yesterday joked that we’re probably the suckers for waiting in these long early voting lines – everyone will end up voting early and there won’t be any lines next Tuesday).

I actually ended up waiting in TWO LONG LINES to vote. See, Christian and I say we are from “The City” where we both grew up, but five years ago we moved 1.5 miles north of “The City” and now we live in “The Suburb.” “The Suburb” is in a different county than “The City.” I asked around, and had “confirmation” from three different sources that I could still vote at the polling place in “The City.” Since my mom still lives in “The City,” we decided to schlep the three kids to “The City” polling place and vote together.

After having to park a half a mile away (literally – I’m not exaggerating) from the polling place, pushing almost 130 lbs. of stroller and children (the stroller is 40 lbs., Noah is 38 lbs., Zoe is 23 lbs., Colin is 16 lbs., Colin’s infant car seat is 10 lbs., and I’m sure the diaper bag weighs a few lbs.), and waiting in line for an hour and 20 minutes, it turns out that I cannot, indeed, vote in “The City.”

My mom was at least able to vote though, so all was not lost. The kids did really well during the wait, too. Zoe is taking her civic duties seriously already. A man came through the line offering information about a candidate, and Zoe held her hand out for a flyer. Even better, the flyer was for a female Democratic candidate. Now that’s my girl! (Zoe, not the female Democratic candidate. I actually know nothing about this particular candidate since she is a candidate in “The City” and not “The Suburb.”)

A very nice woman in line with me thanked me for voting. She said she was very impressed that I took the responsibility of voting seriously enough that I would come out even when I had to manage three young children while doing so. I thought that was very sweet of her. And she didn’t even know the half of it…

Anyway, not to be deterred by my failed voting attempt, we drove to the government building in the county of “The Suburb.” I hoped the line would be shorter, but it was also an hour. The kids fell asleep on the way up there, so while I waited in ANOTHER LONG LINE, my mom drove around for a while and then took them for lunch at McDonald’s.

Now we’ll just have to wait and see if my vote “counts.” My state has only voted for one Democratic presidential candidate since the 1940s (and there aren’t even Democratic candidates running in many of “The Suburb’s” local races), but has been recently labeled a swing state in this year’s presidential election. The latest polls have McCain and Obama in a dead heat. I would be THRILLED if my vote helped swing it for Obama, especially since I had to work so hard for it!


6 thoughts on “I voted (and I worked hard for it)

  1. Yay!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats! That is one heck of an effort! I have to admit while I stood in line I had the same exact thoughts. hahah. But I have driven by the polls very frequently in the two weeks ours have been open and there are always lines! Our county has voted over 30% already but I cannot even imagine what the lines will look like if 60% of people have not yet voted and all have to do it on one day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I think it is going to be pretty freakin’ nuts!

    I’m planning on getting lots of water, maybe gathering up some kids meal toys or goodies and taking them to the lines to encourage people to stick it out and make it easier. Maybe. Actually I am supposed to work the polls this year but I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it to the training. blah.

    Anyway congrats on the vote!

  2. Well, maybe with your vote and my vote, our votes will count for something….I never made it up the the big ol’ courthouse to vote. Guess I’ll wait in line on election day.

  3. Yea! I did the early voting thing too and I am so glad I did. I passed by the place today and the line was out the door and around the corner. I didn’t even have a wait when I went.

  4. I’m with that lady – very impressed that you went through all of that. I’ll shamefully admit that I might have called it a deal after what you went through. WTG!

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