The Belly-Bump-Fairy visits again

UPDATE: NO, I AM NOT PREGNANT. I’m told that the title to this post may have been a little misleading. I should have used the term “Belly-Pimple-Fairy” instead of “Belly-Bump-Fairy.” Pregnancy is the FURTHEST thing from my mind right now, so I did not even make the connection. We’re doing just fine with three children, thankyouverymuch.


Now I have a weird bump on my belly. Sorry, no pictures this time. Zoe’s belly is much cuter and more appropriate for publication than mine. My bump is right in the middle of one of my many ginormous stretch marks, so it’s especially pretty. I think it’s just a disgusting pimple, but it’s the weirdest looking pimple I’ve ever seen. If I wake up with more of them, or if anyone else in the family wakes up with them, maybe we’ll see a doctor. Zoe doesn’t have any more, so hopefully mine is just a coincidence and we’re not sharing some weird disease.


2 thoughts on “The Belly-Bump-Fairy visits again

  1. Okay, I almost passed out when I saw the title of the post on my bloglines…not that I wouldn’t be thrilled for you, but I’m glad it’s just a little spot-like bump!

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