Haircuts for everyone

Colin wasn’t the only one to get a haircut on Friday. Noah, Zoe, and I all got haircuts, too. I called Christian and asked him to join our little club, but I will have to ask him another 20 times before he actually does it. I don’t think he has anything against haircuts, but he puts it off just so he can annoy me.

I had three inches cut off my hair Friday morning – one inch for each child. For some reason I just don’t have time to do anything with long hair these days. I know three inches doesn’t sound like a lot, but it feels SHORT. I also went dark. It might be too dark, but it will probably lighten up. Oh well. At least the grays aren’t showing anymore, and that’s really what I was going for.

Anyway, when Besty was cutting my hair, she asked if she could give Colin his first haircut. It turned out that she wasn’t very busy that afternoon, so she was able to get Noah and Zoe in, too. This was their first experience in a salon. Usually we go to one of the places that specialize in kids’ haircuts. In fact, when I told them we were going to go get haircuts, Noah said, “We’re going to sit in the cars, Mommy.” Uh oh. I explained to him that we were going to a different haircut place. I was a little worried, but in the end he was OK with it. Luckily Christian’s mom met us there to help out.


2 thoughts on “Haircuts for everyone

  1. Great pics. Jammer has had many haircuts and for some reason, he screamed bloody murder at the most recent one. I hope you never have this problem.

    The kids look great!

  2. So where’s the picture of your haircut? 🙂 Your kids are beautiful and continue to grow – I love the picture of Colin on the floor smiling. So sweet.

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