Not-So-Favorite Photo Friday – Do these look like chicken pox?

This is Zoe’s belly. The first bump appeared yesterday and then the second one came today. She also has some little tiny red bumps on her back.

The only reason we are even thinking chicken pox is that we have heard they are going around. My friend Suzanne and her one-year-old son Max have been wanting to come visit Colin since he was born, but Max and our three kids have taken turns getting sick. We kept having to cancel. They had plans to visit us tonight, but then she called yesterday and said that Max had been exposed to chicken pox at his daycare. Ultimately, we decided that they should just go ahead and come over. We decided that if we haven’t had a time in two months when they were all healthy, that it probably was never going to happen. We decided to go ahead and take a chance. And besides, the child at Max’s daycare that had chicken pox was not even in the same class.

So, when we discovered the second bump on Zoe’s belly tonight, we thought, “Oh sh*t.” It would be ironic if OUR kids exposed HER kid to chicken pox, and not the other way around.

Noah and Zoe have both had the chicken pox vaccine, but I didn’t realize that 30% of kids get chicken pox anyway. I found that little nugget on the internet tonight. My research also told me, “Some kids have a fever, abdominal pain, sore throat, headache, or a vague sick feeling a day or two before the rash appears.” Zoe had a fever that started on Monday and went away Wednesday. Hmmm.

I also thought that infants did not get chicken pox, so I thought Colin was safe. I found out tonight that it is unsual for children to get it in the first year if they receive antibodies in the womb. Since we don’t know if Colin’s birth mom ever had chicken pox, we don’t know if he received those antibodies.

I’m trying to think positive: it’s usually milder in younger children and I am off work now anyway. Having said that, the next few days could be interesting…

So what do you think? Chicken pox or not?

4 thoughts on “Not-So-Favorite Photo Friday – Do these look like chicken pox?

  1. I’m no doctor, and it’s been years since my siblings and I all got chicken pox, but I’m thinking that is where I got my first couple, right on the torso. I know you’ll think I’m crazy, but I’m jealous! I want my kids to get chicken pox rather than have the vaccination. If they get it, then it’s done. If they get the vaccination they will probably have to have booster shots for the rest of their lives (according to what I’ve read) since the vaccination seems to only be good for about 7 years.

  2. I just found a bump like that on my 4 month old baby. I had chicken pox as a child and found out last friday (today is Thursday) that I had shingles. It was a mild case but at 28 years old I was a little freaked out. Turns out stress is the problem! Well after a week of shingles (before I found out what it was) it was too late to NOT expose my two girls. My oldest has been vaccinated and so far I’ve seen nothing on her but the baby I’m afraid is starting to break out. I could cry. Btw I hope I’m wrong and neither of my girls get them because shingles are way worse. 😦

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