Although much of what I’ve written lately and much of what I will probably continue to write is about how overwhelmed I’ve felt since Colin joined our family (and I became a mom to three kids under 30 months), I just wanted to take a second to say that I know we are blessed.

I am definitely stressed because of the logistics of all of this. I like order and routine, and our lives have been thrown into absolute chaos. On top of that we are sleep deprived because we have a newborn who eats every three hours. Still, I feel lucky. I know that we’ll eventually get things figured out, and that we’ll get back into a routine. It will be a hectic routine, but at least it will be a routine.

We have three beautiful, healthy children. We are lucky. My writing tends to be sarcastic, so I just wanted to take a time-out to be serious and say that I am so happy to have a wonderful husband and these three amazing children in my life.

I also wanted to say that I am thinking about all of my friends who are trying to get pregnant or who are trying to adopt. I have known the pain of infertility, the loss of miscarriage, and the uncertainty of adoption, and I feel for all of you who are still going through these things. I’m especially thinking about those of you who are hoping for Vietnam referrals before September 1st, and those of you who have referrals but are still waiting to travel to meet your children. I am sending good thoughts your way every day.


4 thoughts on “Blessed

  1. Just a note to say my sister had 4 under 21 months – so three under 30 months should be easier than that. 🙂 Not belittling your struggle at all – you must be VERY busy. Just offering you a little reassurance that it can be done.

    My sister just gets a LOT of help. That girl can give orders. And she lines up her inlaws and her friends and paid help morning, noon and night. She uses highschool kids to get from the 4 – bathtime hurddle. She used folks who sat with old people, to come in and do her overnights – so she wasn’t so super sleep deprived. She used anyone and everyone who would volunteer to come in during the day. She often paired people up – more capable and less capable – like my mom (more capable) and our 75 year old grandmother (less capable) – a gal who was there all the time, and a new gal – whatever – strength in #’s.

    So, get help. Even if it seems to expensive. Just get the help, and figure out how to pay for it later – there will be a way. And once bambino starts sleeping through the night, the costs will go down.

    Honestly, if you are sleep deprived, you are setting yourself up for a bigger problem, accident, health issue – so better to head it off at the pass and get some night help.

    V. supportive comment – hope it doesn’t sound otherwise. Good luck.


  2. You always come across as grateful and appreciative. We all understand the ‘stress’ of a new family and juggling children. You are doing a GREAT job! All your children are beautiful and lucky to have you as a mom.

  3. You didn’t have to say that, from one sarcastic girl to another! It’s obvious that you know how blessed you are. You’re doing a great job of juggling it all, too.

  4. I have to agree, even with sarcasm (which I am pretty good at myself), you always come across as grateful. Yuu are blessed with 3 beautiful children, they are blessed with a wonderful mother!

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