One week later

Christian just took Colin in for a weight check. He is 7 lbs, 2 oz, so he has gained a whole 8 ounces in a week. Our pediatrician is on vacation so his first “official” appointment isn’t until next week, but the other doctor they saw today gave Colin a “gold star.”

Why did Christian have to take him? What kind of mother of a week old baby would miss a visit to the pediatrician with her son, you might ask? The kind that is AT WORK this week. That’s one of the drawbacks of having only 24-hours notice that you have a new son. Since this was so sudden, there are still things I have to take care of at work before I can take any time off. Luckily Christian was able to take a few days off this week. (This adds a whole new layer to my thoughts on Laurie’s post on work/ life balance for moms a few weeks ago!)

I’m the development director for a nonprofit. One of the big parts of my job is planning fundraising events. It just so happens that today is our annual golf tournament (not exactly great timing). I got here early this morning for set up, and the players are out on the course now. This afternoon I am setting up for tonight’s awards dinner and auction. It is a HOT, HOT day on the course today, too, so I’m sure many of them are drinking lots of beer. That could be a good thing or a bad thing. It’s possible that means that they will want to hang around tonight. Or, it’s possible they will be worn out and they’ll want to get the awards over with as soon as possible. I’m hoping for the latter. I want to get home!

Anyway, if I have not responded to your comments or answered your e-mails, it’s because I am swamped. Hopefully I’ll get caught up soon (or are those famous last words for a working mom with three children under 30-months?!).

P.S. Colin was born during my meeting with my golf committee volunteers last Wednesday. It was kind of strange to tell them that I had a baby since I saw them a week ago.


5 thoughts on “One week later

  1. You’ll get it down Tracy! Just don’t be too hard on yourself for doing stuff like missing a doctor’s visit!! I can’t imagine the whirlwind you guys have experienced over this past week or so. Hang in there and good job keeping your sense of humor about it all:)

  2. doctors visits = HIGHLY overrated. All things considered I’m amazed you are even capable of blogging right now so props to you!! Things will smooth out soon!

  3. I would have loved to see the reactions on peoples’ faces when you told them you had a baby last week LOL 🙂 Awesome!! You may have missed this doctor’s visit but they’ll be plenty more. That’s the great thing about family – working as a team.

  4. The idea of you telling your committee that you had a baby last week made me laugh out loud. Adoption certainly does provide for some fun converstations at times! See, and now they will all be those annoying people who tell other PAPs, “Well, I worked with a lady and she adopted, and it only took her, like, three days or something. Why is your adoption taking so long?” LOL!

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