What’s in a name? – The Conclusion

Since I asked for everyone’s input on baby names on what just happened to turn out to be the day Colin was born, I thought I might explain how we ended up choosing his name.

Colin was a name that was on the list that was one of my favorites a while back, but Christian vetoed it. When we left for the hospital Friday morning, we had about 10 names on our “short list,” and Colin was not one of them. The two frontrunners at that time were Adam and Chase.

For a middle name, we had chosen William. It is Christian’s middle name, his dad’s middle name, his cousin’s middle name, his other cousin’s son’s middle name, and our nephew’s middle name. However, we also talked about Michael. Michael is my step-dad’s (Tom’s) middle name. Since we had chosen not to take Tom’s suggestion of naming the baby Tommy (as it violated most of our naming guidelines), we talked about using his middle name as the baby’s middle name. Michael is also my cousin’s son’s name.

When we got to the hospital and met the birthmom, she told us she knew we were going to change it, but that she had named him Brendon Michael. Brendon was just a name she liked, and Michael was after her uncle who had passed away. We kept Zoe’s Vietnamese name as her middle name (she is Zoe Thi Ha), so it just made sense to keep part of this baby’s name, too.

After we left her room and went back to the room where we were camped out, Christian looked at the list again and said, “What about Colin? It sounds good with Michael.” And that was it. We e-mailed our families with a picture and the name a few minutes later.

The name Colin does violate rule #4, in that I did not want a name that started with a C, T, N, or Z, but we decided that Christian can just be “Ch” or even “D” for dad if I need to abbreviate. Whew. I’m sure you were all on pins and needles wanting to know how we were going to work that one out!

On the ride home from the hospital, Christian asked if it should be “Collin” with two-L’s. He was afraid that people would pronounce Colin like “colon” (as in Colin Powell). I assured him that people would get it right. He looked it up on his Blackberry, and I think he is now convinced that Colin with one-L is acceptable. That’s good, since I don’t see a need to add an extra letter to the name (since rule #1 was to keep it short) and I have already posted it on the blog and ordered an “It’s a boy” yard sign!


7 thoughts on “What’s in a name? – The Conclusion

  1. I’ve always loved the name Colin, but my cousin used it before I was ever in the baby-naming biz – and Christian, I think Colin Powell’s parents are the only people in the history of the world to pronounce it colon, so no need to worry.

    How do Noah and Zoe like their new brother?

  2. Congratulations, how exciting! He is beautiful and we are looking forward to meeting him! Russ has 2 bags of clothes for him, hope you get them soon! Give Noah and Zoe a big hug and kiss for me!

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