What’s in a name?

While I still think “Imaginary Child” is the appropriate name for this third child I hope we will someday have, I have been thinking about names lately. I have a list of boys names and girls names I (we) like. I have kept and amended this list as a note in my Blackberry (because I am anal like that) since before Noah was born. I thought, Dear Readers, that maybe you can help me add to or edit it.

These are the girls’ names on the list right now:

Tara/ Terra

These are the boys’ names:

Reece/ Reese

There are a few on there that are my current faves, but I’m not telling which ones they are just yet. I will tell you that we have some naming guidelines. I’m calling them “guidelines” rather than “rules” because you will notice that I am breaking some of these already, but this is what we consider when talking about names.

  1. We want it to be short. Our last name is nine letters long, and there’s only so much space on most forms you have to fill out. Since Christian’s first name is also long, he often becomes “Christia”, “Christi”, or even “Christ” when he has to do the whole last-name-first, first-name-last thing.
  2. No nicknames. My legal name is Theresa, but I have always gone by Tracy. This confuses people, since the standard nickname for Theresa is Terry. Christian went by Chris when he was younger, so sometimes people would call him Christopher. Nicknames have always bugged us both.
  3. No “Top 10 Baby Names“. (When we picked Noah’s name in 2005, it was not on this list, so we were a little disappointed that it was there in 2006 and 2007. So far though we have been lucky not to have any other Noah’s at his school.) On the other hand, we don’t want anything completely obscure either.
  4. I would prefer not to use a name that starts with C, T, N, or Z, since we already have Christian, Tracy, Noah, and Zoe (sometimes I write “C-dentist 8am” on the calendar, and this would be confusing with 2 C’s. This one is silly I know, and it’s not a deal-breaker, but it’s something that crossed my mind).
  5. Nothing that’s too heavy on the “O” sound. Sometimes “Noah and Zoe” runs together, so it would be hard to have a third O in there.
  6. No names that are already in the family. It’s too confusing. My uncle Scott named his son Scott, so we had a “Big Scott” and “Little Scott.” Then my cousin married a Scott, so now we have a “Medium Scott” too.

So, given these guidelines, any votes for your favorites or other suggestions?

(And no offense to my step-dad, but Tom, we are not going to name the child Tommy (or Tommi) no matter how many times you suggest it. It goes against guidelines 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6.)


12 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. My rule….
    7. Should be two syllables to match rest of family.
    (I only got one and feel cheated with a sister
    who has 3, Melinda)

    I like Ella and Mia for girls (my guess on which you will fill the spot with) and Mason and Ian for boys.

  2. I said most of the names out loud with your last name included. I think I like the 2 syllable names the best- could just be a crazy teacher thing.
    Girl names: Anna, Ella, Eva and Mia
    Boy names: Carson, Collin, Owen and Mason(which happens to be one of my personal favs!)

  3. I love name posts!

    My girl faves from the list are Anna & Jane. Jane is one of T~’s middle names. Simple, but not old fashioned.

    For boys I like both Joel & Owen. Both kinda violate rule #5. My one suggestion for a boys name is Liam. I could never talk hubby into that one.


  4. Ooh, I love names! Short with no nicknames was always my game plan, too. I like all the names you have. My all-time favorite boy name is Max, I also really like Ian and Owen. And Elise has always been one of my favorites too. I also like the name Nia…like Mia, but slightly less popular. Although that goes against the no “N” names rule and sort of sounds like Noah, so maybe scratch that idea. 😉 I seriously doubt I have helped at all, but I do love to discuss names. 🙂 I understand about the top 10 bit. When we named Ava, that name barely broke the top 100. Now it’s super popular. Bummer.

  5. Hello! Long time reader, first time poster. 😉 (Found your blog through a mutual Yahoo group….I think we live in basically the same corner of the cornfield!) I couldn’t resist chiming in a name post, especially since I wasn’t too far away from having a Noah and Zoe myself (the main reasons we don’t have to do with our nieces and nephews, some of whom are named Nolan, Nora, and Chloe). Anyway, for a girl, I’m partial to Kyra (although we chose the Irish spelling for our daughter). And for a boy, I really like Reese and Ian.
    Good luck with your name search. I’m hoping to be doing the same sometime soon myself….!

  6. LOVE Owen for a boy. One of my favorites. But when you say all the kids’ names together, it’s a lot of “O” sounds: Owen, Noah, Zoe, and you mentioned that’s a problem. It makes your mouth do funny things when you say all three together- lol. What do you think of Garret for a boy? I like Elliot, too, and Eva or Ava for a girl. Eden and Hope are pretty, too. Eden Jane with your last name would sound pretty, I think. I’m no help.

  7. Kira and Seth. We, too, are trying to think up boys names. Just as FYI…In reviewing the Social Security baby names site, I calculated that 40% of the Top 100 boys names end with the letter “n”. -Gina (from Holt bb)

  8. I am totally out on Holt. It sounds like a beefy soap actor. I do like Abram. I am actually a big fan of that name.

  9. I guess this explains why you won’t name your future son after me. Thanks Trac … Might I suggest Jera and alter the spelling of Ian to Eion. Much Love!

  10. I can’t play. I already forgot the rules. 🙂 For a girl, I like Lauren, but only because it’s close to Laura, which is, by far, the most superior name on the list. Actually, I really like Eva and Julia. For a boy, Holt and Seth jumped out at me. Not sure why, but they did!

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