Fourth of July at the lake

We went to Christian’s parents’ lakehouse over the weekend for the Fourth of July. I meant to post some photos earlier, but Noah is sick and it has not been pleasant, so I have not had much time. He woke up Sunday night/ Monday morning with a 103 degree temp, saying his “mouth hurts.” I thought maybe it was just a molar coming in, but there’s nothing there. Of course I took him to the doctor today and he had a negative strep test and no ear infection, so they just sent us home and said to keep an eye on him (and he still says his “mouth hurts.”) Ugh. I wish I could just do that stuff at home and skip the pointless office visit.

Before I get to the photos, let me just say that I have an entirely different perspective on fireworks now than I did before I was a mom with two sleeping babies. How late can those a**holes set those things off!? It was a nice weekend at the lake, so we had the windows open. After the kids had been in bed a while, we decided it was best to turn the air on and shut the windows. I tried to sneak in the room where Noah was sleeping, but he busted me. As soon as I opened the door, his head popped up over the side of the pack and play like a gopher and he whispered, “Hi Mommy.” Then he said, “Someone go boom.” Yes, Sweetie, unfortunately many people “go boom” tonight.

Anyway, here’s a picture from last year on the Fourth of July at my parents’ lake:

And here are the pictures from this year. They’ve grown so much, and they both have a lot more hair! (If you’ve een reading for a while, you’ll rememer that we had to shave Zoe’s head when we were in Vietnam and we shaved Noah’s head after he was done with his Mohawk):

Baby Dolby (Christian’s cousin’s son) was also at the lake:

Zoe climbed in Dolby’s carseat. I think she is a little too big!

Mommy and Noah on the boat (before his mouth hurt):


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