Duct tape, here we come!

After reading the other morning on Mother Mother Ocean’s blog that Zubin learned to take off his own diaper, I realized that I never shared that Zoe has learned the same trick.

Last week I went to get her from her nap. As I opened the door I saw something white on the floor. Before I could say, “Please God don’t let that be her diaper,” I realized it was.

Luckily there was no poo, because she managed to make a big enough mess with just a #1. This is one time I wish I had a video monitor and could have witnessed this event, because I am having a hard time envisioning just how she did this. This is my best guess as to the sequence of the events:

  1. She took her diaper off and threw it on the floor in front of the crib. Then, just for good measure, she threw her doll on the floor right next to the diaper.
  2. She somehow lifted her leg like a dog to mark her territory on the crib slats. She peed down the crib slats until the pee pooled on the crossbar at the bottom.
  3. Noticing the diaper and the doll on the floor, she changed directions, shooting the pee directly out the front like a fire hose, managing to soak them both. I thought only little boys had aim like that!
  4. Deciding that she hadn’t quite made a big enough mess, she noticed the 4-foot stuffed caterpillar in her crib out of the corner of her eye. Knowing what a pain in her mom’s *ss it is to shove a 4-foot stuffed caterpillar in the washing machine, she squatted over its head and squeezed out the little bit of pee she had left in her.

Duct tape, here we come!


7 thoughts on “Duct tape, here we come!

  1. Oh my gosh! So far I have not had that happen. Maybe I should get the duct tape out just in case! lol
    The other day my daughter did take off her shorts!

  2. Wow, that is one talented girl! I wonder if it is too early to start acrobatics training for her…she might be a future Olympic gymnast!

    It would be good to have a little camera so you can see what she is up to…I’m sure you’d learn more than you want.

  3. I’m laughing here too. I’m just hoping and praying that Jammer doesn’t get this idea. I may have to make sure he stays away from both Zubin and Zoe. They would teach him bad things. Just kidding. Get your butt to Lowes fast girl.

  4. a friend of mine actually started putting the diapers on backwards. It may work – but I think this is a sign of brillance.

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