Our neglected Thailand dossier and 62 days left for Vietnam

I got home the other night and there was this giant envelope from Holt. I think my heart stopped a second. Surely they wouldn’t just send us information on our referral through the mail would they?

No. No, they would not.

Unfortunately this giant envelope had nothing to do with Vietnam or a referral. It was our Thailand packet. I got the Thailand materials via e-mail several weeks back, so this was just the official hard copy guidebook.

Our poor little neglected Thailand dossier… I haven’t even really touched it. I had the homestudy amendeded and approved by Holt, and I got the bank letter, but otherwise I haven’t done anything. It’s so unlike me. I printed out the information, put it in an envelope, and that’s where it has remained for almost two months. Normally I would have the information immediately sorted in a color-coded binder and I would have whipped up that dossier in record time.

I guess I am still delusional and thinking that we will get a referral from Vietnam. I bet if September 1st comes and goes with no referral, I’ll get my butt in gear.

Ultimately, we would just like to have a third child, and we know we will love that child no matter where he or she was born. We know that we are very, very lucky that we have other countries and domestic adoption as options. Still, we feel that the ideal situation would be to adopt another child from Vietnam. We think it would be beneficial for Zoe and her younger brother or sister to have that connection.  I read an article recently where a dad in a situation similar to ours said, “It’s great that people like Angelina Jolie can have a little United Nations and have the resources to celebrate all cultures, but we just want to be able to focus on this one.” (sigh)


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