Christian’s graduation party

I am a week late posting these, but better late than never I suppose. Even though he’s only graduating cum laude and not magna cum laude, I still thought Christian deserved a party.

We were really the first among our friends to get married and have kids, but we are slowly but surely getting them to join our little cult club. So, this is what a party looks like for us these days:


Our nephew Hudson:


Suzanne and Andrew’s son Max (he’s 9-months and he weighs more than Zoe!):


Josh and Rachel’s twins, Helen and LJ (the twins are in Noah’s pre-school class this summer, so Noah was very excited they were coming to the party):


Noah in his truck:


Noah and Zoe riding their new tricycles (Noah has mastered it, but Zoe still needs a push):


Zoe eating cake, and then looking like a vampire from the red icing:


Gratuitous “baby with beer” photos (Kurt and Hudson):


My family (some visiting from Florida):


After the kids went to bed, we did have a little bit more of a “grown-up” party, hanging out in the back yard around the fire pit. My cousin introduced me to mango vodka and Red Bull (yum) and suddenly I wasn’t as concerned with taking pictures. This is the only picture I have of Christian the whole night:


I don’t know what Christian was drinking, but he had enough of it that he decided it best that he sleep downstairs. See, when he drinks he snores LOUDLY. And he snored loudly enough that night that he woke up with a sore throat the next morning. But before you think he was being all chivalrous or something by sleeping on the couch, know two things:

1. When he is next to me and he starts snoring, I hit or kick him until he turns over on his stomach, so he was really just trying to avoid some serious bruising.

2. I was the one who was getting up with the kids the next morning, so he knew he better keep me happy. If he had kept me up all night with his snoring, I would have made him get up and suffer through the morning with me. I mean, come on, I’m not gonna put up with that sh*t from someone who ONLY graduated cum laude!


5 thoughts on “Christian’s graduation party

  1. Ah, so the baby drinking thing runs in the family. I get it. Hudson looks great by the way! Congratulations Christian- laude with or without the magna is pretty impressive, but I would’ve made you sleep downstairs even with the magna in the title!

  2. Too cute! For the record, in the photo of Helen and LJ – LJ is distracted by Zoe eating cake. They’re both trying to talk me into giving them a piece. It was a great party!

  3. Wow, Michelle, how quickly can I approve that comment!? Thanks. I am 31.

    The youthful rosy glow in my cheeks in that photo may have something to do with the Red Bull and mango vodka (and the joy of standing next to my adorable, intelligent, accomplished husband, of course).

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