Hummers, Gators, and Cornhole

On Father’s Day we had a cookout at my uncle’s house. He and his fiancee live a few houses down from my parents, so my parents took their Hummer and Gator ride-on toys down there for the kids. Noah finally got a chance to test out his driving skills and he took his cousin Michael for a ride.


After Noah backed them into the shed, Michael decided he was done being Noah’s passeenger. He went to ride the Gator on his own.


Zoe wanted to “drive” too, but I think we’ll make sure she keeps it in park until next summer.


The kids also tried their hands at a game of Cornhole* (though technically I think it’s cheating to stand this close).


*Cornhole is a game where you toss bean bags into a raised wooden platform with a hole in it. Apparently since I am from Indiana, I should know about this game, but I’ve never played and I only first heard of it a few years ago. A guy in my core group when I was working on my master’s degree was from Nebraska (which I’m told is another another popular state for Cornhole) and was trying to explain it to me. He was a great guy, but he was a little naive, and he was SHOCKED at some of the things he found when he Googled “cornhole” to try to show me what it was.


4 thoughts on “Hummers, Gators, and Cornhole

  1. When I was your age (You have NO idea how much I hated typing that, but there’s no help for it – I was going to say “when I was young”, but keep reading…you’ll find I have yet to grow up.), cornhole was a term for a fairly disgusting sexual act. Now every time I hear or read the term, even though I know it’s now a socially acceptable game, something in my head always says “Hee hee. She said cornhole.”

  2. I know that game, but have never in my life heard it called “cornhole”. I can about imagine the things google brings up! ha ha! And I have to say, I think standing that close is OK when you have short little arms! 🙂

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