76 days left, but who’s counting?

Only 76 days left until the September 1st deadline. I think I am going to lose my mind.

I am having a weird day. I am excited because I think we might get a referral soon, but then I feel like crying because I wonder if I am excited for no reason. I don’t want to get my hopes up and then be disappointed (again).

Our agency used to place families on “the list” for referrals based on when the homestudy was submitted. We were #33 on the list at that time. This changed in February, when word of the September 1st shut-down came. At that point, our agency asked families to submit dossiers immediately so that they could be logged in to Vietnam. The unofficial word was that dossiers logged in before September 1st would be honored (this has since changed, but could change again). While some families chose not to complete dossiers, we compiled our dossier as quickly as possible, and it was logged in to the Ministry of Justice in Vietnam on April 4, 2008. The new list was based on this MOJ log in date, putting us somewhere around #18. I know there have been referrals since then, so I really have no idea what number we are now.

However, families are matched with children based on more than just that family’s place on the waiting list. Things like the age of the child, health of the child, etc. also have to be considered. In our case, the age of the child will be a big factor. To preserve birth order and prevent “artificial twinning,” we will have to be matched with a child who is at least nine months younger than Zoe.

The reason I am excited and that I think we might have a referral soon is that a family logged in the same day as us and two families logged in after us just got referrals. Two of these children were right around Zoe’s age, so we would not have been eligible. We will just have to wait and see if the file of a child in the right age range is released for international adoption, but it is encouraging that families around us on our agency’s “list” have been matched. So, right now I am cautiously optimistic (and going out of my mind!).

Representatives from our agency are in Vietnam now, and will return July 9th. Wouldn’t it be great if they brought some good news home with them!? But I shouldn’t get my hopes up, right?


11 thoughts on “76 days left, but who’s counting?

  1. We know how you feel! Been there done that, we recv our match on 6/13. We are praying for all those families that are waiting for their children. That means you all too!! KEEP THE FAITH!!!!

  2. I know how hard it is waiting. We have been top 10, even Top 5 for awhile now, waiting for a child of either gender. Babies have been matched, so we should have moved up, but we haven’t been told. We anxiously wait THE CALL.

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