Noah and Zoe in Grandpa’s car

As most kids do, Noah makes associations and categorizes things. Every minivan we pass is “Mommy’s car.” Every VW we pass is “Daddy’s car.” He also points out “Mimi’s car”, “Grandma’s car”, and “Grandpa’s car.”

Even though he knows other Asian girls and boys, he still says, “There’s Zoe,” when he sees pictures of Asian chidren in books (or when he’s reading blogs over my shoulder). Similarly, whenever we are out and he sees a Caucasian blonde boy age 2-6, he says, “That’s Michael” like his cousin Michael.

So how’s this for associations?: My step-dad is a salesman for a Hummer dealership, so my parents bought a Hummer ride-on toy for the grandkids. Noah saw this photo on the box and said, “There’s Noah and Zoe in Grandpa’s car.”


5 thoughts on “Noah and Zoe in Grandpa’s car

  1. Too funny. What are the chances the photo on the box would have an blond, white boy and an Asian girl? I have a nephew (also adopted) who is bi-racial, and my youngest daughter would point to every black/bi-racial baby she saw in print ads or on t.v. and say his name. Tank Boy still looks over my should at blogs and asks if that’s him or if it’s his brother every time he sees a picture of an Asian baby.

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