The long ride home

There was a big thunderstorm right at rush hour the other day, so getting home was not much fun. There were trees down in roads and many traffic lights out. I picked the kids up, and we slowly headed home. Neither kid was happy to be in the car that long.

Zoe whined, fake cried, kicked her legs, pulled the elastic band out of her hair, and threw her sippy cup. (The throwing of the sippy cup is pretty common. I find lovely milk splashes on the back of my van’s passenger seat all the time. I also find them all over my kitchen cabinets, stove, dishwasher, coffee table, television, entertainment center, etc.)

Noah took a different approach. He had some interesting things to say on the drive home. We were sitting in traffic, not moving much at all when Noah said, “Push the cars, Mommy! Push the cars!” Umm, Kiddo, if I had that superpower, I would definitely use it.

We finally got moving a little bit, and some jerk pulled out in front of us. When I slammed on the brakes Noah yelled, “Oh crap!”

As I was still giggling from the “Oh crap!” remark (trying not to let him know that I was giggling of course, so as not to encourage him to yell out “Oh crap!” again), he said something about “Mommy’s nipples” and I lost it. Then I realized how bizarre the comment was. First, where did that come from? What suddenly made him think about nipples? Traffic and nipples? I don’t see the connection. Second, it occurred to me that I have never had a conversation about my nipples with Noah, so where did he hear it? It’s a little weird to think that anyone else would have been talking to him about my nipples.

What the crap?!


3 thoughts on “The long ride home

  1. Oh, the throwing of the sippy cup! How I hate that stage. A thrown sippy cup took out my lap top a few years back, so we had to sent it in, which meant we had to talk with tech support/customer service over the phone many times, which is really, really frustrating to me. I mean, I realize that guy in India speaks my language much, much better than I speak his, and that is quite laudable that he is bi-lingual, but I STILL can’t understand him.

  2. Milk…I hear ya! I clean my hard wood floors today then i look and there is 5-6 drip of dry milk….argh!
    But jacob has been horrible with the sippy cup he refuses to take it. only if he is around big kids will he drink from it other wise he will go hours with out a drink unless from a bottle….
    we tried like our DR said to and after 13hrs of no drinks I gave in… I felt like it was abuse not to give him a drink. any tips? Ive tried everything

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