Last night Christian submitted his final assignment and officially completed all of the requirements for his Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems! I am so proud of him!

Christian went to college right out of high school, but didn’t take it very seriously. After I got my master’s three years ago, he decided that his wife could not have that many more degrees than he did. He also wants Noah and Zoe to go to college, so he knew that he needed to set a good example. He decided to go back and finish, and he has been taking classes while working full time ever since. And this time he has taken it VERY seriously.

He has made all A’s except for one A-. His GPA at this school will be 3.98. His overall GPA (with the grades he transferred in) will probably be a 3.66, so he will graduate with cum laude. If he had a 3.70 overall GPA (just .04 measly little grade points more), he would graduate magna cum laude. Somewhere in this whole going-back-to-school process, Christian discovered his inner DORK perfectionist. I swear this is not the same man I married five years ago. He has been obsessed with his grades, to the point of worrying if he would get an A in a class even when he had 100% going into the last week of that class. Last night he actually said to me, “I almost want to take another elective to try to boost my GPA.”

Ah, Honey. I’m so proud of you and I’m so happy for you. I couldn’t love you any more, even if your GPA was .04 points higher.


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