First day of school

Today was Zoe’s first day of school, and Noah’s first day with new teachers. They are going to a church “pre-school” on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am-1pm.

I called Zoe’s teacher, Ms. Judy, yesterday to tell her a little about Zoe. First, I wanted her to know that if all I send for Zoe’s lunch is fruit, it’s because that’s all she wants to eat lately, and I would rather that she eat something than nothing at all. She assured me that she had seen it all before, and that her own son only ate macaroni and cheese from age three to age five.

I also wanted her to know that Zoe got attacked by mosquitoes this past weekend. The mosquitoes must have all hatched at once, and they caught us by surprise. The kids were in the back yard a lot last week and never got a bite on them. Christian took them out there Saturday afternoon, and they were swarmed. It only took five minutes for him to realize they needed bug spray, but the damage was already done.

Finally, I wanted her to know that Zoe has Mongolian spots on her back and butt. Mongolian spots are common in Asian and African children. They are bluish spots, and they are just birthmarks, but they look like bruises. Educators are supposed to be familiar with them, but I figured it was better to be proactive and point them out ahead of time. I have heard horror stories of families who were reported for child abuse by educators or doctors who should have known better. I got a note from our doctor to include in her school file. (I also keep a copy in my wallet in case we would ever need it.)

I guess I basically wanted Ms. Judy to know that besides the fact that I only feed my daughter fruit, that she has horrible inflamed mosquito bites on her face, and that she has what look like bruises all over her back and butt, I really am a good mother!

When we got to her classroom, Zoe went right in. She didn’t seem to have any trouble at all. I hung back and took some pictures from the hallway. I was trying not to get too close, so they are a little fuzzy. She dove right into the art project and played with several toys.



When I picked her up, Ms. Judy said Zoe did have a few teary moments throughout the day. About an hour after we left, and the novelty had worn off a little, Zoe realized that Christian and I weren’t there any more. Ms. Judy said that she was always able to distract Zoe and get her interested in something, and then the tears would pass.

This is how she looked when I picked her up and got her in the car. Not smiling, but not too traumatized…


Apparently school wears her out, because this is how she looked about two minutes later:


Noah didn’t seem to have any problems adjusting to his new classroom and new teachers. He asked about Ms. Mary and Ms. Ruthann, but he was OK with Ms. Jean and Ms. Nancy too. Mostly, he was excited to see all of the “new” toys. There is also a loft in his classroom that he thinks is pretty cool.



I tried to get a picture of him at the end of the day, but this is what he did when I asked him to smile:



7 thoughts on “First day of school

  1. Looks like a fun day had by all. You know it was a good day if they fall asleep in the car. Your phone call to the teacher reminded me of my days working in childcare. Thanks for putting a smile on my face today. Aimee

  2. It must make you feel so wonderful that she is such a happy and well adjusted little girl. And the cuteness factor in all these pictures is overwhelming.

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