Please act today!

Please remember to contact your Senators and Congressional Representative today, tomorrow, or Wednesday.

To locate the phone numbers of your two Senators, please visit There is a scroll down menu with each state at the top right of the page.

To locate the phone number for your Congressperson, visit Enter your zip code in the box at the top left of the page. You may need the extra four digits of your zip code. If you don’t know the extra four digits, go to the US Post Office website and enter your address.

Remember that the phone call is the most important part. You should say something like this: “I/we urge the Senator/ Congressperson to join the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Co-Chairs and sign their letter to Secretary Condoleezza Rice in support of the recommendations found in Joint Council’s A Child’s Right Campaign for Vietnam.” If they have not heard about the Campaign, ask them to contact the Congressional Coalition for Adoption Institute at 202-544-8500 or Joint Council on International Children’s Services at 703-535-8045.

After you have placed the phone calls, our adoption agency has made it easy to send the e-mails. Just go to this website and fill in your information (again, you will need your Zip+4). The body of the e-mail is already there, but please add a personal message at the end to make it more effective.


2 thoughts on “Please act today!

  1. Thanks for posting- our agency has been encouraging all of us, too. Just did mine (very easy), and got an onslaught of friends and family to do the same 🙂

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