Random thoughts

I am a grown woman. I have a so-called professional career and everything. So why do I find myself humming, “It’s the Wiggles, the Wiggles, dancing with their friends. It’s the Wiggles, the Wiggles…,” while I am sitting in my office?


Christian was in the bathroom for a while the other night. I thought he was just pooping with the door open again, but when I walked by, he was cleaning the toilet! I love it that I have a husband who helps with the cleaning, so I tell him he’s sexy when he’s doing it. (It’s much sexier than pooping with the door open.)


Both of my children have had big breakthroughs in their language skills recently. Noah is talking in more complex sentences. Zoe added 20 words to her vocabulary in a week. Of course I’m proud, but conversations like this one also have me concerned that we watch too many Disney movies.

Noah: “Watch Toy Story please, Mommy?”

Me: “No Buddy. No Toy Story right now. Let’s do something else.”

Noah: “Please Mommy? Woody and Buzz Lightyear?”

Me: “No. Not right now.”

Noah: “How ’bout Monsters, Inc?”

Zoe: “Mike Wazowski” (For those who aren’t Disney fans (or parents who are forced to watch Disney movies all of the time) Mike Wazowski is the round green guy with the big eyeball. I swear she said it, and it sounded exactly like the little girl in the movie.)


5 thoughts on “Random thoughts

  1. Oh I totally heard her saying “Mike Wazowski” like in the movie in my head! How can you not bust out laughing?

  2. Hey I remember when we visited last year and you didn’t know much about kids shows, I’m glad you are learning! Enjoy those crazy moments when the songs come to mind, it reminds us that we are mothers of toddlers who grow up way to quick.

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