Favorite Photo Friday – Babies and Beer

Someone will probably flame me for this and leave nasty comments, but I think that photos of babies with beer cans are hysterical. Here are some of my favorites:

Noah at 3 months (in his AC/DC t-shirt from Uncle Charlie)


Zoe last weekend


Zoe trying to share her tasty beverage with her four-week-old cousin Dolby


Note: The babies are not actually drinking the beer. The cans are empty. Of course we drank the beer first, Silly! (Well, Daddy drank the beer. Miller Lite is his flavor. Mommy is more of a Coors-Light-Silver-Bullet kind of girl.)


9 thoughts on “Favorite Photo Friday – Babies and Beer

  1. Some people just can’t recognize a joke…but I’m glad you included the disclaimer. I was certain the 4mo old was chugging his beer.

  2. LOL…the beer can is almost bigger than that little tiny baby. Too cute!

    And Miss Zoe…double-fisting already! LOL!

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