Memorial Day weekend at the lake

We spent Memorial Day weekend at Lake James. It was too cold to swim, but we did get to take several rides on Grampie and Mimi’s new pontoon boat. Grampie let Noah drive the boat for a while.


Noah got an important call while we were out, but luckily he’s good at multi-tasking.


Zoe liked driving the boat too, but she enjoyed just being along for the ride as well.


She also enjoyed her time just hanging out on the deck.


We got a few projects done while we were there. Noah “helped” his dad hang some shelves and put together an airport to go along with the train table in Grampie and Mimi’s basement.


Grampie got a new fire pit for his birthday. Noah and Zoe thought the fire pit was OK, but they had more fun playing in the box it came in with Uncle Kurt.


As you can see from these pictures I took on the car ride home, we were a bunch of tired monkeys by the time we left.

Please note that there is no sleeping photo of the little dog. She, of course, was panting, whining, and pacing, even after three “happy pills.”


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