Pre-school celebration

Last week was Noah’s last with his 2’s pre-school class. The school had an end-of-the-year family celebration with a pitch-in, music, pony rides, and a mini petting zoo.

At first Noah and Zoe looked on with uncertainty at the petting zoo animals.



After some encouragement from their dad and their cousins Madison, Michael, and Olivia, they decided it was OK to get close to the baby goats and the bunny.


We couldn’t convince Noah to ride the pony (perhaps he remembered his first “pony” ride), but after a little hesitation we persuaded Zoe to try it out. She must have decided that she liked it, because once we were finished going around the little circle and I took her off the pony, she THREW A FIT. She started screaming, arching her back, and kicking her legs. She was p*ssed. She throws the occasional fit at home, but this was the first big public fit she has thrown, so I was a little caught of guard.

Luckily, there was a guy there with all kinds of musical instruments who was able to win her over. The pony was long fogotten as she shook all of the noise makers and played the washboard.



Noah has been in pre-school two days a week since August, but Zoe has never been. Summer sessions start next week, and Zoe will go to school for the first time. I hope she doesn’t expect pony rides every time she goes.



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