What now?

Christian, the kids, and I are going on vacation with his parents and his brother’s family this week, so I guess it will be a good chance for us to take a break and try to figure out what to do now. We had made some contacts with agencies who do domestic transracial adoption a few weeks ago, and we think we’re going to look into it further. We have an appointment scheduled with an adoption attorney when we get back, and we’ve also contacted our social worker about amending our homestudy for domestic adoption. Fertility treatments to get pregnant are still a possibility too. Adopting from another country is still an option, but it seems to be at the bottom of the list at the moment. Things seem so uncertain in international adoption everywhere right now, so we just don’t know about standing in line for that roller coaster again.

I probably won’t be blogging or checking e-mail while we’re gone, so I hope everyone has a good week. Maybe we’ll have an epiphany while we’re on the beach. If we do, I’ll be sure to let everyone know when we get back. If we don’t, and we’re still as freakin’ confused as we are today, I’ll just share cute pictures of Noah and Zoe enjoying the sun.

P.S. To any potential burglars: If you have figured out where we live and were thinking about taking advantage of the fact that we will be gone, I should warn you that we have someone staying in our house with our two angry vicious guard dogs. Our neighbors have also been placed on high alert to look for moving trucks.


6 thoughts on “What now?

  1. I love the warning to potential burglars!
    I’m glad your not giving up on extending your family. There are still possibilities, and children who need a loving family. Stay positive!

    LP in MI

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