Official announcements on Vietnam

The US Embassy posted two announcements today.

One outlines the irregularities US officials have seen in Vietnamese adoptions. This is the most specific information the Embassy has provided to date.

The other cites an official announcement from the Vietnamese Department of International Adoption. Vietnam has decided that adoptions will only be processed for those families who have an official referral for a child before September 1, 2008. We are now 18 on the list with our agency, and we have little hope of being matched with a child before September 1st.


4 thoughts on “Official announcements on Vietnam

  1. I am so sorry, Tracy. Unfortunately I’m in the same boat–they can’t say for sure that I will have a referral by then. I’m praying for all of us today.

  2. I am so sorry Tracy. I have no words to express how sad this day has been. You, Christian, Noah and Zoe are in my thoughts and prayers.

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