Article on VN adoptions

I opened up the MSN homepage tonight and this article on corruption in Vietnamese adoption is the lead story.

I have lots of thoughts on this, but don’t think I can put them into a coherent post right now. I’ll try tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Article on VN adoptions

  1. I read that today….it’s such an eye opener (well, not that any of us were in much denial at this point anyhow…)

    That thing about the gifts really struck me. When we went back to the small orphanage a week after we dropped off gifts, we saw them in the orphanage director’s sale case. It was likely the nannies and babies never got any of it since the director was selling it all. I don’t want to imply she was keeping the money from the sale of the gifts for herself, but I guess you never know for sure…

  2. I saw that article – and I can understand why you would have lots of thoughts. Our thoughts are with you, Christian and your family at this time.

    We are deeply saddened to read all of the allegations that you had mentioned previously and those in the article. Our hope is that it was simply a few unrelated occurrences and dishonest people, and doesn’t reflect the experience as a whole.


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