Noah peed in the potty (breaking news)


Mom and Dad’s bathroom, Indiana, April 8, 2008 – After his mom took his diaper off for a bath, Noah climbed on the Elmo potty all by himself. He sat there for what seemed like forever to his mother. He kept looking down at “himself,” so his mom just knew it was going to happen, but she tried to act like she wasn’t paying any attention. Then finally the pee came! Most of it went in the potty, although there was some on the seat and on the floor. Still, Noah’s mom was so excited that she did’t mind having to clean it up.

OK, I know it’s probably not earth-shattering news to everyone else, but I was pretty excited. I know we still have a long way to go for “potty training,” but this was a big first step. Noah has been interested in the fact that Christian and I go on the potty for a while. We’ve been asking if he wants to go on the potty, but he always says no, and we haven’t pushed it. I bought an Elmo potty chair last week and put it in our bathroom. Whenever Noah showed an interest in it, we would ask if he wanted to sit on the potty, but he always said no. So when he went over and sat on it on his own, I was thrilled.

Interestingly, Noah has become aware that our dog Toby goes potty, but I don’t know if there’s a correlation or if it’s just coincidence. The weather has been nice this week, so we’ve spent some time outside. We were out front Monday night, and Toby lifted his leg a few feet from Noah. Noah walked closer to Toby, crouched down so he could see underneath him, and examined the process. Noah’s brow furrowed as he looked on with an expression that was half amazement, half concern. A few minutes later Toby squated to poop, and Noah was very interested in this too. Later he kept talking about Toby’s poopy diaper.


3 thoughts on “Noah peed in the potty (breaking news)

  1. He is on his way! Congrats! I have to laugh because we were at the zoo yesterday and got to witness a baboon and an elephant (that was interesting) go potty- Max (2 1/2) couldn’t understand where their diapers were!

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