We finally have our I171!

Our I171 (Notice of Favorable Determination Concerning Application for Advance Processing of Orphan Petition) finally came today! It is notarized, certified, and will arrive at our agency’s doorstep by 10am Friday. Once it is authenticated at the Vietnamese Consulate in San Francisco, they will send our complete dossier to be officially logged in to Vietnam.

There is still no official word on whether or not the United States and Vietnam will come to an agreement on adoptions before the current agreement expires in September, but the hope is that Vietnam will continue to process adoptions for those dossiers logged in before September 1st. It will be difficult to be patient and wait for some sort of official announcement, but it’s out of our hands now. At least we know that we’ve done everything we can.


10 thoughts on “We finally have our I171!

  1. Yeah, I’m so happy for you! No more waiting on the mailman. It is now in His hands just as Mimi said. Relax a little and have a Happy Easter. Love Ya – Aimee

  2. Aaargh. I just saw my own DH beat me to the punch with a comment. I hate when he “steals” my favorite blogs!:)I’m happy for you guys!
    I think they’ll keep giving referrals if you’re logged in. Mind you, I have no basis for such thoughts, really! Just a feeling.

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