Not fans of daylight savings time right now

We live in Indiana, where we only started participating in daylight savings time a couple of years ago. The whole thing is still confusing to me. I understand that it’s supposed to be good for commerce and energy savings, but it still just messes up my body clock.

Noah and Zoe REALLY don’t understand daylight savings time. We can’t just point to the clock and say, “The time is an hour different now, kids.” They are still running around playing after 9pm, because they think it’s ony after 8pm. We’ve tried pushing the bedtime up, but we still haven’t gotten them in bed before 9:30 the past three nights.

Then, when we need them to get up at 8am so Noah can get to school and Christian and I can get to work, they think it’s only 7am and that it’s still sleepy time. Zoe is usually OK when we wake her up. She looks a little funny with her bedhead, her eyes only half open, and a little scowl on her face, but she deals. Noah, on the other hand, is not a happy camper. He cries when we get him out of his crib. We bring him into our room so he can have his milk while we finish getting ready, where he wants to get in our bed and have the covers pulled up over him. He also has to have his puppy, and wants to watch Thomas the Train. He does not want to have his diaper changed or get dressed. So, for the first ten minutes he is awake we hear cries of, “Puppy PLEEEAASE. Blanket PLEEEASE. MIIIILLK. Choo choo PLEEEASE. CHOO CHOO! NO diaper! NO pants! Pants NO! NO SHIRT! NO! NO! NO! NO ZOE, my puppy! NO ZOE, my milk! Milk! Puppy! CHOO CHOO!”

It’s a wonderful way to start the day…


2 thoughts on “Not fans of daylight savings time right now

  1. Man and I thought I took day light savings time bad – Noah is worse than me 🙂 Good luck getting back to your schedule!

  2. Dear Noah,

    I got your back on this one, little buddy. I’m totally with you. I feel your pain. Time change- BAD. NO! NO time change! NO!!

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