Daddy taught Noah to say "fart"

Daddy taught Noah to say “fart,” and Mommy is not thrilled about this. Noah finds the word “fart” especially funny, so he likes to say it – A LOT. We went to the grocery store last night, and he said it over and over, up and down every aisle. “Noah farts! (laugh, laugh, laugh).” I tried not to laugh, but couldn’t help it, so then he said it even more and even louder. I’m trying to get him to replace “fart” with “toot,” but so far he still likes “fart” better. I guess I should just be happy that he didn’t start yelling, “Mommy farts!” huh?

He also thinks “poopy diaper” is funny. He constantly tell us that the dogs have poopy diapers: “Toby has a poopy diaper” and “Owy (Ally) has a poopy diaper.” This is a bit of an improvement though. He used to not be able to pronounce “Toby” and just called him “Poopy” all the time.


4 thoughts on “Daddy taught Noah to say "fart"

  1. LOL…welcome to the world of boys. Brandon is 4 now and unfortunately the novelty of the word (and action) have not worn off yet. LOL!!

  2. Hi,
    I occassionaly check in to your blog, and today, I read this! This, i’m sorry, is funny! My daughter from China who is 2.5 years old learned the word from her older brothers. I too am not pleased. I try to teach her “toot” too, but she laughs as well. So, don’t feel bad. I’m thinkin many toddlers just love that word!

    LP in MI

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