Still no I-171 and scaring my mother

Still no I-171. I’m not stalking the mailman though, because I know it’s probably not even on it’s way. I got in touch with someone at the USCIS last week, and it seems that the person who normally processes adoption paperwork had her baby six weeks early and went on emergency leave. The person who took her place (the woman who responded to my e-mail) was not fully trained yet, so things are backed up. There are still 5-6 families in front of us who are waiting for their paperwork. She did say that she hoped to get to it this week, and said to contact her again if we didn’t have it by the 17th. The rest of our dossier is at our agency, and it is driving me crazy waiting on this last thing! Our dossier can’t be logged in to Vietnam until we have it.

I freaked my mom out a little this week. I was trying to update her on the I-171 status, so I forwarded her the e-mail saying there were 5-6 families in front of us. She thought it was an e-mail from our agency, and that there were 5-6 families in front of us for a referral. She sounded a little scared. Luckily I cleared that up before she had a heart attack. She helps us out with the kids and I think 3 kids under 2 might push her over the edge (and I think it would probably push Christian and me over the edge too). No, we are now #39 (down from #44 in January). We are still looking at 2 years before we will be able to complete the adoption (or longer if we don’t get our freakin’ I-171 soon!).


4 thoughts on “Still no I-171 and scaring my mother

  1. It’s so hard to wait for things that are out of our control!

    Good luck getting the 171. I just got caught up here on your blog.

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