Favorite Photo Friday – The one I didn’t get

Normally I post an actual photo on Favorite Photo Friday, but today I just have to describe one. It’s the photo I didn’t get. It was one of those moments that was gone before I could even think, “That’s adorable! Where’s the camera!?”

Noah and Zoe have been very into sunglasses lately. I bought Noah some new Thomas the Train sunglasses Tuesday. He liked them so much that he wanted to take them to bed with him that night. Thursday night we went to buy a new computer monitor and Noah wore them in the car and in the store (I couldn’t get the 80s song “I Wear My Sunglasses at Night” out of my head). Noah has not been thrilled about sharing his “choo choo” glasses with Zoe (though I’m proud to say that he has), so I thought she should have her own. I found some pink polka dot ones for $2 (bonus!) today and she LOVES them.

This afternoon they were both wearing their sunglasses while playing together, and they were playing together SO well. I have really enjoyed seeing them play together more interactively lately, instead of just playing side-by-side. They were trading sunglasses, then Noah would wear both pairs, and then Zoe would wear both pairs. I should have gotten the camera out then, but I was just enjoying watching them too much.

Then there was the picture-perfect moment: Noah was wearing his blue Thomas sunglasses and Zoe was wearing her pink sunglasses when he leaned down and gave her a kiss. It was ADORABLE. I wish I had gotten that picture. I would have had it in my wallet, at my office, on my blog, as my screen saver, on the refrigerator, and blown up to poster size and framed. But since I can’t have it all of those places, I am happy that I can store it forever in my mind. It will always make me smile when I think of it.


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