Dr. Noah

From Christian:

Since Tracy is out of town, I cooked with my telephone last night and ordered pizza. Zoe had just had her diaper changed and did not have her pants back on yet when it was time to eat. She had on a white shirt so I thought, “Well, I better not ruin her shirt with pizza sauce.” (She’s a rather messy eater.) So, she ate dinner with only a diaper on. When she was done, I just let her go and she seemed to love the freedom and started running around like she really liked it. Noah thought that if she was going to get to run around half naked, so was he. He came to me and said, “Shirt, please!” So, I figured what the heck.

They really seemed to love running around in their skivvies and I captured a wonderful moment, too bad it didn’t last longer, I might have had a video of Noah giving Zoe a check up…


3 thoughts on “Dr. Noah

  1. Very cute. Our little one just loves running around too with only his diaper on. The problem…he’s starting to pull at the tabs. I’m hoping that we don’t end up with a baby that likes to take his diaper off himself.

  2. What an adorable family! The fact that you called them skivvies warms my Navy heart. I thought only sailors used the word skivvies. They look so happy!

  3. Michele, one of our neighbors when I was a teenager had to duct tape over the diaper’s tapes on his daughter at night because she would take it off every night and you can imagine what happens after that.

    Changingthepast, my dad’s a navy man. Retired a Captain in the reserves!

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