Valentine’s Day

Is it really Valentine’s Day already? Christian and I have become an old married couple, so we’re not doing anything special. We ordered a pizza a couple of weeks ago from Papa John’s and they had a flyer attached to the box for their special Valentine’s Day heart-shaped pizza*. Christian was making fun of it when I said, “Don’t laugh. That’s probably about as romantic as we’ll get for Valentine’s Day.” He replied, “Are you kidding, that’s probably MORE romantic than we’ll get for Valentine’s Day.”

Oh well. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love you Honey**!

* Christian ordered spinach and tomatoes on the pizza so the kids would have something “nutritious.” Since they mostly ate the cheese sticks, I don’t think it worked.

** I do call Christian “Honey” at home, and I’m usually yelling it down the stairs when he’s upstairs or vice-versa. The other day I was upstairs and I yelled “Honey” down to Christian. Noah came up behind me and yelled “Honey” down the stairs too. He also yells, “Come ere Owy (Ally),” when the dog gets out.


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