Our disgusting little girl

I’ve mentioned before that Zoe is pretty gross. She’s a very messy eater. She smashes her food into her highchair, all over her face and clothes, and in her hair. Recently she’s started partially chewing her food and then pulling it back out of her mouth. Mommy’s little princess…

She also likes to stick things up her nose. It started with her finger. We would ask, “Zoe, where’s your nose?” Rather than just point to it, she would put her finger completely up it. Lately she’s had a runny nose, and she decided to try to take care of it herself with Q-tips.

She also tried to use the bulb syringe, and then immediately stuck it in her mouth.

Christian said that last night she was picking her nose. She got a booger and then tried to put her finger in Christian’s mouth. He wouldn’t go for it, so she gave up and put it in her own mouth. He said, “It’s probably a good thing. She didn’t eat much dinner.”


2 thoughts on “Our disgusting little girl

  1. Thanks for the chuckles this morning Tracy. Our little guy only put his finger in about 1/2 the time when he is pointing to his nose. Thank goodness he isn’t into checking out the bogies. Yucko!

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