Noah’s first school accident

At school on Tuesday, Noah was climbing UP the slide (that’s my boy!) when he fell and cut his face. I got the dreaded “call” from his teacher around noon. She assured me that he was OK, but when I asked if I should come get him, she gave the standard “It’s up to you”-teacher-answer. I know that’s what they have to say, but I hate that answer. If he’s fine and I go get him, I’m the over-protective, over-reacting mom. If he needs to come home and I don’t go get him, I’m the terrible working mother who won’t leave to come get her kid.

Of course he was fine by the time I got there, but I took him home anyway. The weather was nasty, so we picked Zoe up too and spent the afternoon inside. Luckily the fall was long forgotten before bath time that night.


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