RIP Noah’s Pacifiers

From Christian:

You know, I can’t believe this hasn’t made the blog yet!!! A little over a couple of weeks ago Tracy and I met with Noah’s preschool teachers (Miss Ruthanne and Miss Mary) to discuss how Noah was adjusting to school life. (First and foremost, Noah seems to be doing fine at school.) While we were there we inquired about how many kids in his classes had pacifiers. The idea being that if we were to take it away, would he get jealous at school? They informed us that pretty much no one gets to have their pacifier except for naps and VERY special circumstances, including Noah.

Well, I think that that clinched it. We were being suckers about it. He was manipulating us into thinking he needed it all the time. Tracy took the matter into her own hands and just informed him a couple of weeks ago that his pacifiers, which he called “plugs,” were “trash,” which is a word he understands very well.

The night before the main event we gathered them all up, which was no small task. He was always like a squirrel, he would hide them all over the house. I made the great find underneath the seat of the Chico ride-around-car, there were two of them! The next day, he and Tracy threw them all away and that was going to be it!!! I heard that he was fine until nap time. He got a little upset, but got through it with only 30 minutes of toddler screaming.

Since then there has only been one “incident” and a few scares. The scare that I remember is when he got into my car for the first time after “Plug Trash Day,” I heard the lid on the snack cup attached to his car seat snap shut and my spine froze… He used to keep pacifiers in there… Did he just find one? Well, luckily there were none in there!

The bigger incident happened last week. We had one of those novelty pacifiers (maybe I’ll add a picture if we have one) that made the wearer look like he/she had buck teeth which was tucked in one of the storage bins we keep in the toy room. At the time, the bin was down within reach. Well, he found it and thought, “AWESOME! PLUG!” and proceeded to use it. I was not home at the time but Tracy had to say, “Oh, that’s trash.” Then she made him throw it away. I heard he was not happy about that either.

Overall, though, I think that the giving up of the plugs has gone quite well…


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