"Plugs" and thumb hickeys

I’m glad that Christian posted about Noah giving up his pacifier. I had been meaning to do it, but just hadn’t gotten around to it. This is the “Billy Bob” pacifier the Christian was talking about.

I wanted to add one thing about the origin of the term “plug.” When I was little, my grandpa called my pacifier my “plug” so the word has been in the family for a while. My mom says that I used to scream “plug…plug…plug!” until someone would give me one, and Noah had started to do the same. This screaming was one of the motivators to get rid of the plug in my case and in Noah’s.

We were terrified to take Noah’s pacifier away, but it went much better than we expected. The first day was a little rough, but he was fine after that. Our problem with Zoe is much worse, because we can’t take her thumb away and throw it in the trash. She sucks her thumb so hard that she has a thumb hickey. Disgusting isn’t it?


5 thoughts on “"Plugs" and thumb hickeys

  1. I had a few plug junkies. Withdrawal can be unpleasant. I feel for you. My Chinese daughter was a thumb-sucker, too. My only one. We never had a thumb hickey, but her thumb stayed kind of shriveled-looking, long after the sucking stopped. As she got older, we started telling her that sucking it was fine, but only for bedtimes- so if she wanted to have it in her mouth, she had to go lay down in bed. It called for a lot of consistency and patience on our part, but eventually it did the trick. She didn’t like having to stop doing something she enjoyed to go lay down, so she started making the choice on her own not to use the thumb. Dealing with “binky” (plug)addiction is soooo much easier, IMO.

  2. We’ve always called them plugs, too. Tank Boy sucks his two middle fingers and he has this big callous with, essentially, a crater in the middle of it where his teeth hit the skin. It is gross. The thumb hickey cracks me up!

  3. Noah is a big boy now! And Zoe that just looks painful, but my mom says my brother did the same. They had to buy NASTY stuff to put on it to get him to stop when he was 5!

  4. Thankfully I try to limit the binkie as much as possible but I’m thinking about trying to get rid of it all together. A tough thing to do when he still only has 4 teeth. Hmmmmm, what to do, what to do.

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