Evolution of a haircut

Zoe had her first haircut when we were in Vietnam. Her cradle cap was so bad and her hair was falling out in patches anyhow, so we decided it was best to just shave it off. Other than that, she had only had her bangs trimmed once.

I really wanted to let it grow out, but it was starting to look shaggy and get in her eyes.

We tried ponytails, but it just wasn’t working.

I decided to take her to get it “trimmed” to try to even it out a little. I asked the lady not to cut her bangs, but she forgot. AS she snipped her bangs she said, “You wanted her bangs short, right?” Um no, but too late now. Anyway, it looked cute, but then she had this section of hair on the left side of her head that curled out and kept annoying me.

The next day I decided that maybe I would just “trim” this one little section of hair. I trimmed a little, but it was still sticking out, so I trimmed a little more. Eventually the left side of her hair was MUCH shorter than the right. Wisely, I finally decided to back away from the scissors and take her to a professional.

We went back to the kiddie haircut place and the lady who cut her hair this time giggled as I told her what I had done. She assured me that I was not the first mother whom she had had to help out of such a situation. She warned me that she needed to cut it pretty short to get it even again. I think it’s cute, but it is definitely short! Hopefully NOW we can grow it out. As long as I can remember to put down the scissors…


6 thoughts on “Evolution of a haircut

  1. I think the new ‘do looks cute and sassy! It also looks very shiny and healthy. And so the drama we women all know with our hair begins with Zoe..:)

  2. The new do is adorable! I think every mama has a hair “trimming” incident at some point; at least Zoe is young enough to forget. And forgive.

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