Tet celebration

Last weekend we went to a Tet celebration hosted by our local Vietnamese American Association. We are very lucky to have quite a few families in our area who have adopted or are in the process of adopting from Vietnam, and several of them were there.

Noah was kind of mellow that night, but he really enjoyed the Vietnamese food. He had some sort of chicken soup that he ate all by himself (Mimi supervised). We tried to show him how to use chopsticks to eat his rice noodles, but Noah thought it was more efficient to let Dad do it.

Zoe was the belle-of-the-ball. She was more social than I have ever seen her. She was going up to anyone and everyone. She spent some time on the dance floor (on her own and with Grampie). Then she kept trying to climb on stage.

When she needed a rest, she plopped down on the floor with Mimi and Noah.

Zoe also spent some time with Chloe, a little girl who was in the same orphanage in Phu Tho. In the last picture, Zoe is “petting” Chloe on the head. We’ve tried to show Zoe how to pet our dogs and to be gentle, and now she does the same thing when she sees a baby (although sometimes it’s not so gentle, as her cousin Hudson learned when she whacked him on the head a couple of times trying to “pet” him at Christmas).


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