Mass at St Joseph’s

From Christian: St Joseph’s catholic church, just off W. Washington St. near 465, has a mass in Vietnamese. We went this afternoon to experience something different, but also to try and meet some people in the local Vietnamese community. The mass was definitely an interesting experience! Having been raised Catholic, I wondered how much I would understand. I was also wondering how the kids would do with having to stay in one place for over and hour.

I followed the familiar structure of mass quite well and even was able to “translate” a few call and responses, not from an understanding of the language, but because of my Catholic experience. The most interesting part for me, however, was the flashbacks to my childhood when my parents took me to church.

I have a new respect for them and their patience with my brother and me. Noah was overall pretty good. He was fairly cooperative and tried to be quiet when we “shushed” him. He did loose it at the end when he thought that we were leaving, but stayed to meet the priest and talk to a few parishioners. Zoe, on the other hand, was VERY squirmy and grumpy almost the whole time. I guess it may have had something to do with the lack of morning naps. Noah only slept for roughly 20 minutes, and Zoe for about 30 before she filled her pants.

All the memories of techniques my parents and grandparents always used to keep us busy in church as children came rushing back in a flood. I was trying to use books, envelopes, drinks, snacks, back-scratching, rocking, and even placing Zoe on my shoulders so she had a different view to distract them. Wow, my parents had some kind of endurance. The experience must have been a tiring one for the children, it certainly was for the parents! This is what the car ride home looked like…


5 thoughts on “Mass at St Joseph’s

  1. We are going to go to the local Catholic church soon ourselves that is home to the local Vietnamese. We got so lucky when we learned that our priest used to be at that church. Glad you enjoyed it.

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