Favorite Photo Friday – Kurt and Christian

Christian’s brother Kurt is 16-months older than he is. I’m not sure how old they are in this photo, but they look awfully cute don’t they? (Christian on the left, Kurt on the right)

I can’t believe how blond they were, since they both have dark hair now. Christian tries to say that the grey hairs he has coming in are blond, but no one is buying it.

Kurt and Christian are getting ready to start spending lots of time together again, since Christian just accepted a new job at the same company where his big brother works! I imagine it means we’ll be seeing much more of this.

Christian starts in two weeks and this is great news for our family in so many ways:

1. Christian has been going to school for his business information systems degree for a few years now and he will graduate in May (with honors!). He has been working so hard to make this career change possible.

2. It’s a small pay raise AND the company pays for 100% of family health insurance costs, which makes it a big pay raise.

3. That means I don’t have to cover our health insurance anymore, so I don’t have to work full time. I already have the OK at work to cut back to three days a week. That means I can spend more time with Noah and Zoe, but still have a professional life too.

4. Since our health insurance has been coming out of my check until now, I can actually cut my hours back and not see that much of a difference in my paycheck.

5. Christian won’t have to work Saturdays anymore, so we will have more than just one day together all week (we’ve only been home together on Sundays for a couple of years now, and Christian usually has to spend it doing homework).

I’m so proud of my husband!


4 thoughts on “Favorite Photo Friday – Kurt and Christian

  1. Tracy- no wonder you feel proud! Congrats, Christian. That’s great!


    P.S., Tracy- I’m tagging you. See yesterday’s post at my blog. autadopt.blogspot.com If you’ve already been tagged, just ignore me.

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