Little Miss Personality

I have to admit that I’m not really a “baby” person. I mean little babies are great and all, but mostly they just eat, poop, sleep, and cry. I honestly don’t miss it. But man, Christian is like the baby-whisperer or something. I’ve seen him holding a few friends’ babies lately and he can just calm them so easily. He really seems to like it and it’s freaking me out a little. Thinking about having another newborn scares the crap out of me. I need to remind him that it wasn’t as easy to calm babies when those babies were his own and they had been screaming all day (especially before we got Noah’s stomach issues figured out), and Christian and I had had three minutes of sleep between us.

So that’s why I’m excited that Zoe is “officially” a toddler. I think she’s much more fun now. I love that she’s starting to talk and that she interacts more. Her personality is really starting to come out.

First of all, we already know that she’s brilliant. I’m amazed by the things that she imitates – brushing her hair, putting lotion on, talking on the phone, etc. Sometimes I just forget how observant she is and she catches me off guard. The other day she picked up one of the dog’s bowls. Since she used to just put them in her mouth when she picked them up, I immediately said, “No Zoe!” A second later, I felt terrible when she carried the smaller dog bowl over to the larger dog bowl, stacked them, and then carried them both to the cabinet where we put them away. So smart!

She loves books. She’ll often just go over to the basket of books we have in the family room and sit quietly looking at them. Then she’ll bring one to us to read to her. The only problem is that she likes to turn the pages much quicker than we can read them (I guess it’s not really a “problem” – her speed reading abilities are just more proof that she’s a genius).

Zoe is also musically inclined. She “dances” all the time and when we’re in the car, she bops her head along to the music. Her tastes are pretty eclectic too. She likes just about everything from Led Zeppelin to Eminem (I’m told that she also enjoys the country music she hears in my mom’s car, but I am trying hard to discourage that). She loves the drum that Christian put in the play room, which has her daddy excited about the idea that she’ll be a drummer “chick.”

Speaking of her daddy, she is absolutely positively a “Daddy’s girl.” Even though she can say about ten words, she usually just wants to say “Daddy” all day (though “puppy” is a close second). When Daddy gets home, she doesn’t want anything else to do with me. This may be, of course, due to the fact that her daddy is a sucker. If she as much as whimpers, he immediately picks her up.

Christian adores her right back, even though she grosses him out. He always said that he thought girls would be easier because boys are gross. Well, while Noah doesn’t like to get his hands dirty, it turns out our little princess is disgusting. She likes to make a mess when she eats, smashing her food into her highchair, all over her face and clothes, and in her hair. Christian’s seat at the table is right next to Zoe, and he gets completely grossed out because she always wants to touch him with her gooey hands. Another nasty habit she has recently picked up is that when we ask, “Zoe, where’s your nose?” she puts her finger completely up it.

She’s so agile that we think she’s going to be athletic as well. She could do something traditional like gymnastics or dance, but Daddy and Grampie hope she’ll be a professional snow boarder or wake boarder.


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