Favorite Photo Friday – Condo snow fun

Christian and I met when we were neighbors. He moved into his friend Matt’s condo, which was four doors down from mine. Christian thought I was the pizza delivery girl when I went over to introduce myself one night. Ah, love at first sight.

Eventually Christian moved into my condo and our friend Suzanne became Matt’s roommate. We knew other neighbors too (Matt, Suzanne, and our next-door-neighbor Erika were all in our wedding), so it was like we had our own little Melrose Place.

Matt’s house was the “party house” and he always left his doors unlocked. Christian and I took advantage of this. We used to sneak into his house and steal the model sailboat out of his bay window and put it in our own to see how long it would take for him to notice. Once when Matt was passed out, er, “sleeping” on the couch, we rearranged all of his furniture. We moved the living room furniture (except for the couch he was on) into the kitchen. We moved his bed to a different wall and put his dresser drawers in the bathtub. We moved the pictures from the upstairs walls to the downstairs walls and vice versa. I imagine he was pretty confused when he woke up.

For fear of retaliation, we kept our doors locked at all times, but Matt and Suzanne got creative. After spending Christmas Eve in Cincinnati with Christian’s family one year, we returned Christmas morning to find that Matt and Suzanne had done this the night before (and left these pretty pictures for us):

That night, while Christian and I were at Matt’s house for “Festivus,” my uncle, my step-dad, and my cousin’s husband continued the fun and games by doing this to Matt’s. I’d have to say their snow pile was far superior. It was not as well decorated, but it was piled twice as high(although in Matt and Suzanne’s defense they didn’t have a shovel – they used a bathroom trash can), and was very tightly packed. That’s Christian’s head above the snow pile:

As I said, Christian and I were at Matt’s house when this happened. How many people can say they’ve had this prank pulled on them twice in one day? Christian and I can. Once to keep us out and once to keep us in. We’re not sure how they did this without us hearing, but we were having a good time and the music was pretty loud (oh yeah, did I mention that our neighbors who were not our friends didn’t appreciate our parties and pranks and the fact that our condos were like Melrose Place?!).


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