A mellow New Year’s celebration

Our New Year’s Eve wasn’t very exciting, but it was certainly better than last year. Last year we knew we were going to get Zoe’s referral soon (we got it January 4th) and that we would be traveling soon after that (our G&R was March 1st), so we were trying to get the house ready. We had to clear out a bedroom that had been a guest room/ storage area and move all of that stuff to the basement. That meant that we had to clear out the basement, which had become the dumping ground for anything and everything we didn’t know what to do with since we’d moved in. My mom kept Noah for us, and we worked for 14 hours straight, cleaning and organizing. I was in the basement vacuuming when Christian came over to kiss me and tell me it was midnight.

This year we had a mellow evening at home. Our friend Suzanne came over with her three-month-old son Max and our other friend’s ten-year-old son Kyle. Kyle was pretty entertaining. After Noah and Zoe went to bed around 9pm and Max zonked out in Zoe’s old bouncy seat, Kyle showed Christian how to play Guitar Hero III and drank “cocktails” of sparkling grape juice out of a champagne glass. Later as we flipped between MTV’s and CBS’s New Year’s celebrations, Kyle would remark on which girls were “hot.” When we started laughing, he said, “What? I’m getting ready to start puberty.”

Christian, Suzanne, and I all realized that we are getting old. We were all yawning and not sure we could even make it until midnight. The countdowns weren’t that interesting because we didn’t know any of the bands performing; Who are the Jonas Brothers, Flo Rida, and Paramore? I used to think it would be cool to be in Times Square when the ball dropped, but we decided last night that we’re too old for that now. I mean, you’d have to get there so early, it’s cold, and you would have to stand the whole time with obnoxious drunk people pushing and screaming. And what if you had to go to the bathroom – standing in line to use a nasty bar bathroom or even worse, a Port-O-Let!? Then it would take forever to get home – ugh, the traffic! Yes, we are getting old. What happened to us? We would fit in better now with the old folks at the nursing home where I work. They have their New Year’s countdown at 9pm.


3 thoughts on “A mellow New Year’s celebration

  1. My brother has actually gone there for New Years Eve, and you know all those tightly packed throngs of people standing everywhere? He said they are actually in corral type thingys, and once you get in one you don’t get out. Read: NO BATHROOMS. I know I am too old for that.

  2. *LOL* I’d have to agree, none of that sounds like the least bit fun! I’d much rather be home, nice and cozy and comfortable. And with an easily accessible, clean bathroom!

  3. I am with you, I am not sure I could do all of that and we went to bed at 12:01 on New Years! And a count down at 9 pm now that is something to look into!

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