Mom, s/he’s touching me!

I’m an only child, but I did plenty of sibling-type bickering with my cousin Shannon when we were little. Shannon is only nine months younger than I am and she was also an only child, so we were together all the time. I remember long trips in the car with her parents/ my mom/ our grandparents/ etc., and the inevitable cries of, “She’s touching me!” and “She’s on my side!”

Now it’s time for payback, and Noah and Zoe are starting young. Their seats are usually in the second row “captain’s” seats of my van, but we moved them to the rear bench recently because we were going to have my parents in the car for an hour drive. That means that Noah and Zoe are right next to each other, so this is what happens whenever we are in the van now:

1. Zoe reaches over and grabs Noah’s arm.

2. Noah yells, “Nnnnoooooo!” and then holds Zoe’s arm down so she can’t grab him anymore.

3. This makes Zoe mad, so she cries and screams.

4. I tell Noah to let go of Zoe’s arm and be nice to his sister.

5. Zoe stops screaming, grabs Noah’s arm, and the whole ordeal begins again.


One thought on “Mom, s/he’s touching me!

  1. When my oldest two were 2.5 and 6 months old, the 2.5 year old started with, “Mo-om! She’s looking out my window!” We had a little, um, discussion, and luckily it took and we never had those problems after that. Too bad those discussions don’t work with my youngest two.

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