Though Zoe still doesn’t really get it, Noah has definitely figured out that he likes “Presents!” after opening gifts four separate times in the past four days. He’s probably going to think it’s weird that he doesn’t have anything to open today. We had Christmas with my parents on Saturday, Christmas Eve at Christian’s parents, Christmas morning at our house, and Christmas day with my extended family.

Christmas Eve at Christian’s parents was nice because Noah and Zoe got to see their cousin Hudson for the first time. I got to hold him for the first time, as did Grammie (Christian’s mom’s mom). Zoe was more interested in Hudson’s toys.

Santa left Noah and Zoe’s presents on the fireplace for them to discover Christmas morning. Santa tried not to go overboard since he knew that Noah and Zoe would be getting lots of presents from other people, and since they don’t really understand the whole thing yet anyway. Santa just gave them some books, some Little People, some stuffed animals, a Noddy doll, and a Fisher Price “MP3” player.

Noah was being his typical-two-year-old-self at first, and just sat down in the corner. Then he discovered the Little People farm animals and gave his new frog a kiss.

Zoe really liked the big puppy and her new books.

Later that day at my parents’ house, Zoe sat with her great-grandma (my mom’s mom) for a while. She even tried to feed her great-grandma some of her Kix cereal. She also hung out with Grandpa.

I helped Noah open some presents later, but he was most interested in Grandma’s snow globe Christmas decoration.


2 thoughts on “Christmas

  1. You sure had one beautiful Chrsitmas with your 2 little ones. And thanks for the reminder to post some pics on my blog from the big day…once I get them downloaded from the camera.

  2. What fun! I love the Christmas morning jammie pics. Your children are so lucky to be able to share holidays with their grand and great-grands — you can just feel the love in the pictures.

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