It’s not just me

Noah and Zoe were with Grandma and Grandpa today. I called to check in and I heard Grandpa in the background: “Noah, say fire truck! Noah say fire truck!” So it’s not just me. It makes their grandpa laugh too. (This sense of humor must run in the family – I almost forgot to mention that my grandpa taught me to stomp my foot and say, “I’m tired of this sh*t,” when I was three. My mom LOVED that one).

It was also an interesting day at Grandma and Grandpa’s because:
1. Zoe discovered the dog food and thought it was tasty.
2. Noah was drawing on the dry erase board in the kitchen and decided the wallpaper next to it looked like a more interesting canvas.
3. Noah gave Zoe one of the dog biscuits that are kept on the ledge of the dry erase board. Zoe thought that was tasty as well.


One thought on “It’s not just me

  1. I used to give my sister dog biscuits to eat….but I was about 6 and she was 3. I bet Noah was trying to be nice. Me? Not so much!

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